About Us

Started in 2018, INTERCO-MLE PTE LTD, was created to introduce more interesting Independent Bottling (mainly whisky and rum) into the already sophisticated spirits scene in Singapore. Independent Bottlers are companies that buy spirits from the different distilleries and bottle the spirits under their own label.

INTERCO-MLE carries a portfolio of Independent Bottling on its website. Bottling from Taiwanese to Italian Independent Bottlers. INTERCO-MLE is also the exclusive distributor for Blackadder International in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. Blackadder International is a multi-award winning, family-run, independent bottling company that releases unique, rare and unusual bottling of whiskies, rum and more. For rum, the company is also the sole distributor for Navy Island Rum and 1731 (Fine & Rare).

What does INTERCO-MLE signify? INTERCO is an abbreviation of “International Code of Signals”, which is a set of signals and codes used by vessels to communicate out at sea. MLE is decoded to be "Patient has had much alcohol!" We are a bunch of alcoholics!! 

Also, as alcoholics, we want to sample fine drams of alcohol. We’ll like to go on a journey with you to taste rare, unusual and interesting bottling that are not commonly found. We’ll take the risk. We don’t believe in fancy packaging, so things will come in simple packages and value for money. Sometimes also in a playful manner.

The owner is an alcoholic and also an accredited Whisky Ambassador.