The Whisky Connoisseur

Over the years, Singapore has seen a growing crowd of whisky drinkers. People are buying whisky for consumption or gift, and the whisky scene is a maturing one.

Independent Bottling

We, at INTERCO-MLE, hope to introduce diversity and variety by offering top quality Independent Bottling to mainly whisky and rum lovers.

Curiosity Of Flavours

Our Independent Bottlers are able to source for whisky casks from various hard to acquire and closed distilleries - satisfying the curiosity of flavours for even the most discerning whisky drinker.



Most of us started our whisky/rum journey with the alluring nose and palate of the original bottlers such as Macallan or Johnnie Walker. Slowly, as the local whisky/rum market grows, drinkers are increasingly more willing to explore and experience new flavours to satisfy their curiosity. We, at INTERCO-MLE, are an online liquor distributor in Singapore, are excited to offer interesting varieties to whisky lovers - and also rum, gin and hopefully more!

Our main brand is Blackadder and we are the exclusive distributor for Blackadder in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. We will also have limited and unusual bottling for sale. As alcoholic, we'll also like to sample share bottling that are are rare, hard to find and more premium so that we can taste them all!! 

So what does INTERCO-MLE mean? "INTERCO" is an abbreviation of International Code of Signals, which is a set of signals and codes used by vessels to communicate out at sea; while "MLE" is decoded to be "Patient has had much alcohol".

We are a bunch of alcoholics!