Portfolio Update 2

INTERCO-MLE is proud to introduce four Blackadder expressions for the World Gourmet Summit. They are:

Puff Adder (46% abv). A tantalising vatting of Single Malt Whiskies, carefully selected and blended in Scotland. As its name implies Puff Adder greets you with a puff of smoke on the nose, following on the palate with a creamy balance of citrusy, sweetness and gentle peat.

Smoking Islay (45% abv). A blend of peated whiskies from the Islay region. The pinnacle of Very smoky Very peaty Islay malt whisky; intense smoke and shiokness for the peat-head!

Chimera 2018 (46% abv). A yearly release. Chimera is an exciting blended malt whisky – but not just any blend of single malts. It is blended and vatted in specially selected casks with no two editions of Chimera ever being the same! A sturdy and multi-faceted gentlemen.

Legendary 20 (46% abv). A highland Single Malt Whiskies aged for more than 20 years. An age of old musky nose with lovely notes of summer fruits. Old on the outside, young on the inside!

We don’t believe in chilling or otherwise heavily filtering our whiskies, and we never, repeat never, add caramel colouring and flavouring to our spirits. We have always believed the personalities of our whiskies are colourful enough.

You will get a first-hand taste of these fine whiskies at the World Gourmet Summit, so do join us at the various events held around the island. Stay tuned.

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