Portfolio Update

Together with Spirits Castle, we are proud to import two new brands of rums into Singapore! Navy Island Rum Company & 1731 (Fine & Rare) by Navy Island Rum & 1731

The Navy Island rums (XO Reserve & Navy Strength) are two artisan rum expressions blended from rums produced and tropically aged in Jamaica. The Navy Island XO Reserve is a superior blend of hand-selected Jamaican rums dominated by pot still rum distillate, including some of the finest aged rums distilled in traditional Jamaican pot stills. The Navy Island Navy Strength is a 100% pure pot still rum blended from 11 carefully selected, small batch distilled, rums of various ages.

The 1731 (Fine & Rare) is a unique collection of rums from the Caribbean and South America that explores a diverse array of Latin flavours and countries. The collection stands for a unique range of rums; each with a distinctive character, proudly boasting their natural colour and flavour without relying on additives. The collection comes in six different expressions, comprising of 3 unique regional blends and 3 single origins rums.

We will be showcasing the Navy Island rums and the 1731 (Fine & Rare) single origins expressions at World Gourmet Summit 2019. Join us at the different events held during this period!



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