Combined Release Statement from Spirits Castle Pte Ltd and INTERCO-MLE Pte Ltd

Spirits Castle Pte Ltd and INTERCO-MLE Pte Ltd are proud to be the official Spirits Partners of the World Gourmet Summit (WGS) 2019. We are excited to be part of the WGS team for 2019 as it is THE event to celebrate Singapore’s vibrant culinary scene. Since the inception in 1997, the event has grown into a highly anticipated gastronomic event in Singapore. Food lovers from around the world will flock to the event every year to experience sensational flavours created by renowned chefs from around the world.
Our companies will be showcasing products ranging from official bottling of whisky to independent bottling of rum and whiskies. Our combined portfolio includes Penderyn, a Welsh distillery producing award-winning single malts, Navy Island and 1731 (Fine & Rare), two independent brands of artisan rums from The Netherlands as well as Blackadder International, a family-owned independent bottler from United Kingdom with curated whiskies and rum.
2019 marks the 23rd year of the WGS, and the festival will run from 1 April to 12 May 2019. Held across various venues and restaurants in Singapore, we are excited to share our whiskies and rums with every attendee.
Spirits Castle and Interco-MLE will be collaborating with several restaurants to create delectable pairing menus to showcase our range of whiskies and rums. These pairing dinners are created exclusively for WGS to showcase the different flavours of the rums and whiskies.
 We will be working with the following venues:
Dolce Vita (hosting Guest Chef, Chris Wade from Australia) – pairing with Penderyn single malt whiskies and Blackadder whiskies collection.
Punjab Grill – pairing with whiskies from the Penderyn and Navy Island whiskies and rum collection
A private dinner by Turkish Airline – pairing with rums from the Navy Island / 1731 (Fine & Rare) and Blackadder whiskies and rum collection.
Tamarind Hill – pairing with rums from the Navy Island / 1731 (Fine & Rare) and Blackadder rum collection.  



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