Tay Bak Chiang & INTERCO-MLE Collaborative Bottling

On 29 Nov 19, together as a partnership, we launched the first of 3 bottling from the Evolution Series! The Evolution Series will be a yearly bottling of whisky from the SAME CASK. This unique concept is for whisky enthusiasts to experience how the same spirit will mature in the same cask for over a span of 3 years. How will it evolve? For better or worse, or will there be a distinctive difference in a year? We do not know, and we seek to find out!

This cask is a 10-year-old whisky from Bunnahabhain distillery matured in an oloroso sherry hogshead cask. It is bottled cask strength, natural colour and non-chilled filtered. This is a limited release of 108 bottles.

Tay Bak Chiang is not unfamiliar in the whisky and local arts scene. His artworks have been on several highly sort after Japanese whisky bottles from LMDW. Unlike the convention of acquiring the artwork from the artist and affixing on the label, we tried something unique. We worked with the artist, allowing Bak Chiang to taste the liquid and thereafter express his sensorial experience into artwork we see on the bottle today. Also, the artwork and details are printed on canvas instead of paper to clearly reflect his artwork. This will be similar for the subsequent bottling. You’ll get to see the development of the liquid and also the different artworks.

Taste how the liquid evolves and see how it is interpreted in the eyes of Bak Chiang. 《点燃记忆》Kindling Memories


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