Sessions Edition 011 x INTERCO-MLE

On 13 Nov, Sessions Edition 011 featured INTERCO-MLE PTE LTD and a selection of bottling by Blackadder. INTERCO-MLE set out with the goal of introducing Singapore to interesting spirits. Sessions Edition 011 featured the wonderful offerings from the independent bottler Blackadder.

Bottles featured:
  1. Black Snake VAT2 Fourth Venom
  2. Eigashima 3YO 2014
  3. Guyana Rum 14YO 2013
  4. Bruichladdich 26YO 1991
  5. Linkwood 26YO 1987
  6. Brugerolle Cognac 25YO 1989

Jeremiah, the founder of Interco-MLE, spoke to participants about Blackadder's wide range of bottling. He also spent some time explaining Blackadder's solera-inspired approach to creating vatted single malts. Whiskies from both Scotland and Japan were poured, followed by some amazing Guyana rum. As a surprise, he also pulled out a gorgeous cognac so participants could experience for themselves the high bar for quality that Blackadder set for itself.

At this point though, participants were asking for extra roast pork and steamed fish to accompany fine drams, on top of the tender Ayam Penyet which was served for dinner.

Great thanks to The Swan Song & Friends with Drams to host and arrange for this event!


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