[Launch of Way Home series #1 & 2] - Same Same but Different too!!

On 28 May, together with "Evolution" series, the Way Home Bottle 1 & 2 have been released.
This is a single cask "Staoisha" peated whisky from Bunnabhain Distillery, distilled in 2014. Aged in an Oloroso sherry hogshead. The same cask has been split into 2 bottling over 2 years, starting from 2020. This is to observe how the favours evolved over the years in a peated cask. This series is a collaboration with artist Lim Jia Qi where she express her thoughts and feelings for the liquid and environment on a woodblock. Her works showcases the unimaginative spaces in the urban environment but does the liquid speaks in a different way?
A quick answer is that the liquid has indeed evolved into unique characters. But... Like the Evolution series, will the flavour profile gets more unimaginative or there's a layer of imagination from the 2nd bottling?? Stay tuned to the up-coming tasting sessions where we seek to explore the imagination or not...

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