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Navy Island Rum Company is an independent rum company specialising in fair & boutique rum from the Caribbean and South American countries. Navy Island and 1731 (Fine & Rare) are the two brands under her belt.
The Navy Island rums are two artisan rum expressions from premium rums produced, blended by experts and tropically aged in Jamaica. All Navy Island rum products are blends of 100% natural rums. No sugars and other additives are added in these rums.
The namesake takes its inspiration from the real Navy Island off the coast of Port Antonio, Jamaica. Local legend has it that rum and poker were the reasons for the transfer of the island ownership from the British Royal Navy to a Hollywood celebrity.
The 1731 (Fine & Rare) is a range of premium rums from the Navy Island Rum Company. It comes in six different expressions, with 3 blends and 3 single origins rums. We are currently importing only the three single origins rums. Each expression is a representation of the traditional rums from the Caribbean and South America, and showcases the flavours commonly found in the respectively region. The 1731 collection proudly boast their natural colours and flavours with no additives added.
1731 (Fine & Rare) is not just a brand name, but a representation of fine rums from the past. 1731 was the year marked by history books in which the British Royal Navy started offered a half-pint of rum as part of their sailor’s wages. As a result, rum became an integral part of the Caribbean’s and South America’s history for hundreds of years to follow.
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