INDEPENDENT: Showcasing Whisky / Rum IBs from Independent Bottlers

Curious about Independent Bottling? This event will showcase a large variety of whisky / rum Independent Bottles available by the dram (20ml pour). All drams priced less than $30/dram.

The participating distributors and their IBs on offer are:
1. Friends with Drams - Dramfool
2. INTERCO-MLE - Blackadder, Milano Whisky/Rum Festival
3. Le Vigne - Douglas Laing
4. Spirits Castle - HNWS, The Drunken Master, WhiskyFind, Spirits Castle
5. Spirits SWHK - Maltbarn, Whisky Blues, Aroma, Le Gus't
6. The Italian Club - Samaroli
7. The Single Cask - The Single Cask
and also some local Bottler...

Light snacks will also be available for purchase.

+65 91158834 (Jeremiah)

Only for participants 18years old and older will be allowed for the event. Sampling bottle will not be provided for the event, but feel free to bring them if you'll like to bring some liquid back. Bottles are also available for purchase.

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