BLACKADDER Whisky Tasting #5 (featuring craft whisky distilleries from Japan)

On 5 Sep, a Blackadder tasting was held at Dark Horse, a Japanese tapas bar. It was an intimate crowd at a cozy setting. Lots of umami flavours from both the liquid and also the cuisine.
A blind tasting was conducted for the Shizuoka Karuizawa & Wood-fired still new make. The results were split! The Karuizawa still has a more smooth subtle floral notes, while teh Wood-fired still has a more spirited and heavy notes.
The rest of the whiskies showcased the diversity of the various "craft" distillery. Though the term "craft" is not official, or even "Japanese Whisky" is not clearly defined. There is an association of Japanese whisky and the internal experts have been discussing this need for regulations, but it has not been fixed yet. Let us wait for the update.
It is interesting that Eigashima 3YO 2014 has notes of Shoyu Senbei. The ever slight smokiness and the whiff of coastal air...

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