Blackadder Whisky Tasting #2 (feat Springbank and Black Snake)

On 26 Jan, we had a Black Snake & Springbank tasting at Bistrot Mademoiselle. We were honoured to have HongFu Panda Teo share about his experience at Springbank and also the little snippets about Springbank distillery. He will be the resident whisky guru (paid of course ), sharing his experiences and knowledge regarding whisky and more... Regarding Springbank distillation, he pointed out that the liquid is actually more than 2.5 times distilled due to the addition of "low wines" into the 2nd low wine still. How interesting is that!

Also, If you compare the Blackadder 14YO and 19YO, the colour for the 14YO is much darker than the 19YO even though both are sherry cask maturated). Blackadder bottlings are not chill-filtered and no colouring is added. There's a possibility that the 19YO was matured in a fino sherry cask which might not impart much colour to the liquid.

Stay tune to the next tasting... Ork the end of ney month 


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