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Spirits Salon is a shop in Taichung, Taiwan. It specialises in old and high-aged whiskies. Some of these whiskies are from the 1930s and 1940s! The reason that Spirits Salon is so well-versed with the old and high-aged whiskies is, of course, the passionate whisky geek that runs the shop! The owner of Spirits Salon is a knowledgable man, and he definitely knows his stuff!
The owner of Spirits Salon works with many establishments in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China to do joint bottlings together. The most recent bottling that they did was a Ledaig 1997 20 Years Old. Spirits Salon also had an Arran which was completely sold out.
Spirits Castle (official distributor for Singapore) is now exploring with Spirits Salon to do joint bottling together moving forward. The Mahjong Set series is the start of the close collaboration between Spirits Castle and Spirits Salon.
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  • Mahjong Set Series (Joint Bottling by Spirits Salon, 威浪, Two More Glasses & Spirits Castle)
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